Alternate ACCESS for English Language Learners
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Performance Approach

The Alternate ACCESS for ELLs performance-based approach consists of administering on-demand tasks in an individualized setting. Developed through a rigorous, research-based development process that explored and created item formats and response types that address the multiple modalities that are needed for this diverse population of students, the performance-based approach is thought to be more standardized than the evidence-collection approach.

Considering the variety of disabilities represented within this group of students, and because of the varying ways in which these disabilities are expressed, items need to have some flexibility in how they are administered and scored. Within the performance-based approach, structured flexibility is represented by expecting students to demonstrate skills within a specific language task, yet because of their significant disabilities, these test takers have opportunities for audio, visual, and text-based prompts and response modes that do not rely on traditional multiple-choice items with a heavy English reading load.